SeLaMaT MeNjEnGuK Ke TeRaTaK MaYa Ku

Khamis, 14 April 2011

:: From The Author - I Am Sorry ::

I know I wasn´t there, when you needed me the most
I know I didn´t care, and was afraid to get so close
Tonight it´s getting hard to fall asleep
Cause it´s becoming clear that I broke all into pieces
And I can not reverse it
So i´ve got one more thing to say

I´m sorry for your pain, I´m sorry for your tears
For all the little things I didn´t know
I´m sorry for the words I didn´t say
But what I still do, I´m still loving you

I know I let you wait
I´ve been away for far too long
But now I can relate to everything that I did wrong
Stop breathing when I think I´m losing you
And there´ll be no excuse so I´m on my knees
So listen please
Let me hold your hand once again

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